The Workshop

The Revision Master Class, and VIP Program on Zoom will be a place to learn how to implement Manifesting Essentials, and Revising the Past. You will learn how to create new beliefs, remove old beliefs, create scenes, deal with reality -- to create what you .

Planning Scenes

Planning a proper scene is integral to manifesting something deliberately. Focusing on the most important aspects of manifesting, doing it correctly will have a profound impact.

Mindset Specification

What mindset should you have when you are manifest a specific person? How should you be thinking? What should you be doing throughout the day? How often to imagine?

Laser Focused

The methods are of the most accurate out there. A lot have never been mentioned in the accurate form due to "mainstream" constraints. This is out of the box, accurate instructions.


The Workshop will be 90 minutes long, with a Q/A, and will be on the topic of Manifesting a Specific Person. Being the most sought out answer to manifesting one can have, it brings you into the manifesting world. So with this desire in mind, learn to master techniques and apply them everywhere -- not just with your SP.


It becomes much harder than ever before to discern true information from the false. A lot of philosophies exist, and many of them have some elements of proof in them. My life is dedicated to systematically proving my systems and teaching them to you -- so you can create a beautiful experience.


Based on the experiences of my clients, my viewers, my students, and myself -- I will be presenting you with many stories of not only what technique was used and how it was used, but the results that followed these techniques of manifesting specific people, other people, and how they worked.


Without action, there is no increase. I do not mean physical action, but imaginal action and experimentation. In order to get the results, it is crucial to follow the framework I have used in order to master this skill of manifesting a specific person. Professional Created Worksheets included.


There are two dates, so please choose according to your own availability.

Once you have registered, you will receive and email from Calendly. As the time gets closer, I will send you all the information you need on attending the workshop including worksheets, Zoom URL, and more.

Workshop 10/5 or 10/6

$120Limited Availability

Manifesting a Specific Person Class / VIP (Zoom). 90 min. 10/5 @ 9PM PST or 10/6 @ 4:30 PM PST. Limit attendance.

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