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The Ingredients to Manifesting Your Ultimate Life

October 14, 2022

No more "hope manifesting". The most dependable and consistent way to manifest your every desire is to implement a time-tested, predictable system.

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VIP Monthly Schedule

  • Live Chat: Talk With Manifestors
  • Monthly Workshops: First Weekend
  • Monthly Q/A: Third Weekend
  • Replays: Previously attended workshops
  • Announcements: Upcoming Events
Monthly Manifesting Topic: The Ingredients to Manifesting Your Ultimate Life

Program Features

Online Workshops

Each month a powerful workshop will be presented and broken down, which can be implemented in a laser-focused way.

Live Chat

Enjoy talking to myself and other people manifesting our biggest desires, .

Simply Master Material

Thorough, easy to follow Workbooks, Worksheets, Assignments, and Mind Maps will be provided for you to master the subject.

Easy to Swallow Techniques

No where in history have techniques been tested and explained so simply. You WILL know what you're doing. Period.

Private Community

Interact with other people eager to master manifesting to achieve their every desire, moderated by paid professionals.

Unlimited Possibilities

Stretch your beliefs and finally manifest the life you want, and more. All things are possible. So prove it: here and now.

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Workshops & Q/A Sessions Breakdown

The workshops will contain extremely implementable information to master manifesting by Joseph Alai. Q/A Session will be held 2 weeks after for a chance to implement.


The Workshop includes the lecture, Q/A, and assignments. You'll grasp these topics easily.

Follow Up Q/A

Q/A will take place 2 weeks after the workshop, for a chance to implement. Get questions answered.

Fast Results

The information will be the easiest, fastest way ⟼ from years of tested experience.

Demystify Fundamentals

Disentangle manifesting from tradition, making it the simplest, easiest learning process that works.

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Community Features

Connect with other likeminded invidiuals on their quest to a manifesting desires and to reach mastery.

Speak with Others

Build relationships and get feedback and support from others manifesting their desires.

Tight Moderation

Have faith that the information you're being told is accurate and clear, not confusing.

Get Answers

Get answers to questions about techniques, teachings, and workshops.

Share Stories

Share and read stories about successes with manifesting, including how it was done.

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews: Real People

Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the Specific Person Workshop in July as it really worked for me. You are doing awesome work! I manifested my Specific Person back.

H. J.

My Specific Person bought me a flight & now I leave to see him at New York this Friday! Not even a whole week after your workshop! Thank you for allowing me to discover my missing piece, dropping it. So simple yet so overlooked. Thank you for everything! You have changed my life in one month.

Carolina R.

After I saw your video about dealing with a third party, it worked! The third party is out of her life forever, to never be seen or contacted by him ever again. Thank you so much for everything I am so happy and grateful, if it wasn’t for you I would have never gotten back into contact with my SP back in the first place.


So far, by using your techniques, I have manifested apple earpods, my favorite perfume, texts, calls, my husband’s dramatic change in behaviour towards our situation (long distance) has been the biggest so far. He is more loving understanding and the way I expect him to be. Your techniques are giving me amazing results.

Jazz A.

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Get All Access to Upcoming Workshops, Q/A Sessions, and Live Chat. Recordings and materials for your previous sessions.

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Get All Access to Upcoming Workshops, Q/A Sessions, and Live Chat. Recordings and materials for your previous sessions.

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What Is It?

Full Documentation FAQ Here.
What is Joseph Alai's VIP Program?

Monthly Workshops, Monthly Q/A, and Moderated, Private Community to master manifesting: the predictable way.

Manifesting has never been so accessible, yet so shrouded by tradition. Increasing manifesting accuracy, confidence, and predictability is the key. From A-Z, all critical fundamentals, which have never been addressed, have been analyzed and tested systematically over nearly a decade and are here to be learned in a structured way.

The VIP Program Includes:

  • Live Chat: Strictly Moderated
  • Monthly Workshops: First Weekend of the Month
  • Monthly Q/A: Third Weekend of the Month
  • Replays: Of previously attended workshops
  • Announcements: of Upcoming Events

The VIP Topics May Include (but not limited to):

  1. Manifesting a Specific Person -- Master Class
  2. Everyone Is Your Self Pushed Out -- Outsourcing Your Desires (without cost)
  3. Mental Diet -- System Reset
  4. Planting Seeds -- Cultivating Your Perfect Life
  5. Patterns of Successful Manifestations -- Kill Doubt
  6. Constructing Perfect Scenes -- The Art of Creating Memories
  7. Revision -- Edit the Movie
  8. Keys to Manifesting Mastery -- Everything Popular Is Wrong
  9. Imagining Mastery -- Impress Yourself!
  10. Beliefs -- Slay the Fear-Getting Monster
  11. Persistence -- Being Unreasonable
  12. Testing It -- The Matrix is Real

The VIP Program is for those who are serious about changing their lives, mastering manifesting, and getting what they want.

Manifesting itself, when implemented as a lifestyle, as I have done, has brought untold riches and rewards. Are you sick of not being able to talk to anyone about manifesting? Are you tired of getting faulty information from unverified (it happens more than ya think) sources? It's not yet offered to the public, yet it will be soon. But the idea is to consistently have access to one another, in a systematic way, to ascend in this game of life, master the World of Caesar (this 3D world), and manifest our dreams.

Although in the near future there will likely be live events, the workshop and it's materials are all accessible online, anywhere around the world.

Manifesting is a lifestyle, and there are not many in the world who understand it properly. Thus, to make these workshops accessible worldwide, and online is a critical component to success. Access manifesting materials from anywhere, implement them, and push them out into your life.

Upon creating an account, you will have instant access to the dashboard behind the scenes on You can log in from anywhere around the world.

All the materials of the VIP Program, such as switching your VIP Membership, information for the Private Moderated Community, recordings from your previous workshops, the ability to register for upcoming workshops, and announcements are all available.

Registration to Joseph Alai's VIP Program to access the dashboard and see what's going on is completely free.

For access to workshops, recordings, workbooks, mind maps, and the Private Moderated Community, you will need to upgrade your account. There are various options to upgrade your account, depending on how long and what type of features you want to be a part of.

If you run into any technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to email to have it resolved immediately. This site was developed and programmed by Joseph Alai himself.

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Learn how to use manifesting in your every day life to get every single thing you desire. No more hope manifesting. Manifest precisely, deliberately, and accurately every time.

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VIP Monthly Schedule

  • Manifesting a Specific Person
  • Everyone Is Your Self Pushed Out
  • Mental Diet
  • Planting Seeds
  • Patterns of Successful Manifestations
  • Constructing Perfect Scenes
  • Revision
  • Keys to Manifesting Mastery
  • Imagining Mastery
  • Beliefs
  • Persistence
  • Testing It
Monthly Manifesting Topic: The Ingredients to Manifesting Your Ultimate Life