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Joseph Alai.

I’m often asked about my history and career as a manifestation coach, so I thought I share that with you here…

About Joseph Alai

Joseph Alai is a down-to-earth manifestation coach who debuted his YouTube channel in January, 2019. Shortly before, his blog caught attention from influencers, and he was persuaded by the audience to go on screen. His analytical mind and systematic approach makes his content a haven for every-day people to learn to create their own reality via manifesting systematically. Featured on FM radio, hired to coach celebrities and New York Times best-selling authors, Joseph uses his 10 years off data-driven manifestation experience, overcoming some of the most extreme human conditions, to help others to unlock the power within them, to manifest their reality -- in a test-driven way.

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My single biggest passion in life is helping other people like you discover your full potential through the hidden power of manifesting…

Whether that’s starting your own business, finding love, achieving financial freedom, nothing is more rewarding than getting messages from those whose lives I’ve helped impact.

But when it comes to enjoying life outside of my work, my biggest passions are manifesting and creating my own reality, by finding new, undiscovered manifestation laws.

It's been a growing obsession for over 10 years, to systematically test, through data, and segmented tests, to discover brand new information about manifesting that has never been spoken of before. That's what drives me.

Besides that, I also have an amazing knack for business. Since I was 3 years old, it has been my dream to build and create businesses. As a result of that, coupled with manifestation, I've built this business which can feed both my obsessions

I'm also a software engineer, and went to college for Comp. Sci, Physics, and Mathematics -- which also helps my figuring out the laws of the universe.

My ULTIMATE GOAL is to, through manifestation & my computer science prowess, create a highly successful, worldwide brand to show the world what is possible through the directed usage of one's manifesting power & imagination.

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